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Hickey Lawyers strives to save a life a day through blood donation drive

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Hickey Lawyers is leading the charge to save lives and are calling on the Gold Coast corporate community to jump on board by joining the Red Cross Blood Service initiative, Red 25.

A life-saving social responsibility program open to workplaces, community groups and universities, Red 25 aims to ensure that 25% of Australia’s blood donations are secured by these groups.

Hickey Lawyers Managing Partner, Mark Lacy, said his team love being part of Red 25 and is pushing to save at least 100 lives this year through the program.

“At Hickey Lawyers, we’re involved in a number of community related activities but Red 25 is a stand out for our team and we extend the welcome for our clients and associates to jump on board,” Mr Lacy said.

“Donating blood combines the achievement of giving back to the community and the sense of pride in the recognition of saving lives and what each donation has contributed to individuals across the country.

“Given that 1 person’s donation of blood saves 3 lives, the rewards of donating are very real. We encourage our colleagues, partners, clients, associates and friends to all contribute and join us in our Red 25 mission.

“Our goal is to have 30 more join our campaign to save at least one life for each day of the year, so 365 lives, in 2019,” he said.

The Australian Red Cross Blood Services Gold Coast Community Relations Officer, Kristy Purnell said Red 25 is a corporate social responsibility program, whereby through group donations, the program delivers 25% of Australia’s blood supply.

“Any group can register with Red 25 - workplaces, community groups, universities, families, sports clubs or people uniting in honour of someone else. It’s about unity, group donation and the reward, recognition and achievement of saving lives through giving blood, together,” she said.

To get involved, a coordinator simply registers and creates a Red 25 group online, donors become members of the group and their life-saving donations are counted towards their group tally. A quick visit to the Red 25 website and members can view group results, compare tallies and look up blood challenges.

According to the Red Cross Blood Service, 25,000 donations per week are required to maintain a healthy blood supply in Australia. 1 in 3 people will need blood in their lifetime, yet only 1 in 30 people donate blood.

To join Hickey Lawyers in their Red 25 endeavours, people are invited to contact our office to sign up.

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