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Whether you are considering separation or have already separated from your partner, we are available to discuss your Family Law issues and provide you with confidential advice. Contact us for a free no obligation 45-minute consultation.

Our advice and services are delivered with professionalism, integrity and care – whether your Family Law matter is highly complex or more straightforward.

Our services:

  • Divorce and Separation
  • Property Settlements
  • Prenuptial & Binding Financial Agreements
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Parenting Orders
  • Child Custody
  • Mediation
  • Domestic & Family Violence
  • Interstate & International Matters

We listen carefully and gain a thorough understanding of your situation and priorities, so we can offer clear advice, options, strategies and recommendations.

Whether you are considering separation or have already separated from your partner, we are available to discuss your Family Law issues and provide you with confidential advice. Contact us for a no obligation free 45 minute consultation

Why Choose Hickey Lawyers?

Founded in 1993, Hickey Lawyers has built a reputation as the region’s pre-eminent law firm. 

Our experienced team understands the emotional impact on all parties, in particular children, during a Family Law matter. We know just how critical it is to receive straightforward advice and guidance from start to finish. 

Our Family Law Team

Jill Wolff heads our Family Law division, bringing experience, knowledge and a pragmatic approach to the firm. Jill has acquired a wealth of experience across all aspects of Family Law and related legal matters.  

Each client is guided to reach a considered, expeditious, and equitable resolution through clear and straight forward advice, in what can be an overwhelming, emotional, and difficult time.  

Professionalism, Integrity & Care

Whilst we certainly cannot make the family law process a ‘pain free’ experience we aim to provide you with unparalleled support and guidance throughout the entire process by ensuring we conduct your matter as follows:  

  • Provide you with consistent and detailed updates which outline the next steps involved to progress your matter; 
  • Ensure we are easily contactable and responsive; 
  • Adapt and modify our strategy as your family law matter progresses; 
  • Generate different options for you throughout the process and provide you with detailed advice about the likely expected outcome from each option; and 
  • Provide you with regular updated cost estimates so that you can anticipate and plan without any unexpected surprises.

Achieving Desirable Outcomes

By choosing a lawyer whose sole area of expertise is Family Law, you will have someone in your corner who can navigate the distinct legal and procedural complexities in this area of practice.  

Placing your trust in the Family Law experts at Hickey Lawyers ensures you are obtaining the highest standards of professional legal advice, knowledge, support, and service. 

By choosing Hickey Lawyers you can expect open communication, proper support and an unwavering lawyer to client connection.

Property Settlement

After sharing a life together, it can be difficult to decide how to divide property between you and your former spouse or de facto partner. Our Family Law team can help you protect your interests when it comes to dividing property.

Domestic Violence

It is important to know your legal rights by obtaining legal advice in relation to domestic violence and family law matters.


Mediation involves a trained mediator, acting as a neutral third party, who works with separating couples to help resolve their family law matter on an amicable basis.

Spousal Maintenance

Following the breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship, questions often arise about spousal maintenance and the ongoing financial support for a party, particularly in circumstances where one party hasn’t worked for reasons including looking after the children, incapacity or age.

Child Custody

Our expert team of family lawyers are based on the Gold Coast and can assist you with every aspect of your child custody matters.

Prenuptial Agreements

When you enter into a new marriage or de facto relationship, you may not initially turn your mind to protecting your assets. However, it’s important for your future that you think about asset protection.


We approach our work with compassion and understanding – because divorce is more than just the legal termination of marriage. Our team of family lawyers will help you end your marriage and move forward with your life in a positive way.


Jill Wolff

Special Counsel


Jill heads our Family Law area of practice, bringing experience, knowledge and a practical approach to the firm.

+61 (0)7 5556 7400

Hannah Marchmont



As a member of the Hickey Lawyer’s Family Law team, Hannah advises clients on a range of Family Law matters including parenting, property settlements, de facto relationships and divorce.

+61 (0)7 5556 7400

Trudi Mills


LL.B (Hons)

Trudi Mills is a Solicitor at Hickey Lawyers within its Family Law division.

+61 (0)7 5556 7400