Hickey Lawyers Will Comment On The Queensland Government's Recommendations For Changes To The Body Corporate And Community Management Act

The Queensland Government has released an options paper with reform recommendations for amendments to the Body Corporate and Community Management Act, that relate to enforcing body corporate by-laws, debt recovery and scheme termination for buildings that have reached the end of their useful life.

This sets a pathway for the much needed reform of Body Corporate Law in these areas. The recommendations have been released for the purposes of consultation with the public and strata industry.

With significant experience in the development, body corporate and management rights industries, Hickey Lawyers is uniquely placed to appreciate the needs of all groups affected by this legislation and will be providing informed, considered and broad commentary as part of the Government’s consultation process.

The reforms potentially affect body corporate managers, management rights operators, developers and apartment owners in Queensland.

Some of the recommendations are intended to:

  • Deal with and strengthen the ability of bodies corporate to make and enforce by-laws dealing with recurring issues such as the towing of vehicles, the approval of and keeping of pets  and cigarette smoke drift;
  • Provide an improved mechanism for bodies corporate to recover unpaid body corporate levies; and
  • Facilitate the regeneration of ageing and uneconomic community titles schemes by allowing for a better termination process

Following the consultation process, the Queensland Government will decide which of these recommendations will be implemented in the next round of amendments to the Body Corporate and Community Management Act.

The public is welcome to make comments as part of the consultation process by emailing: QUTreviewBCCM@justice.qld.gov.au

You can obtain a copy of the report at the community consultations page of the Department of Justice and Attorney-General website.

If you have any questions or would like Hickey Lawyers to consider and perhaps include your views please contact Joe Welch, Owner/Partner.

Joe leads our body corporate, development and management rights team.