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Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Hickey Lawyers' Dispute Resolution and Litigation team encompasses a full range of cost-effective dispute resolution and commercial litigation.

The experienced team covers advice and litigation in most areas of commerce including real estate property disputes, contractual disputes, leasing disputes, company and partnership disputes, company liquidation, personal insolvency, debt collection, competition law disputes, planning and environment litigation and employment disputes.

We understand that litigation can be costly, not just in legal fees.  Litigation consumes time and it takes your focus away from your main game, being your business.  It also creates undue stress.  Where possible, we prefer to resolve disputes to avoid litigation and thereby minimise cost, time and any undue stress for our clients. Our approach is to get to know our clients, and to provide practical, straightforward legal advice that is in the interests of our clients and which achieves a resolution of issues in the early stages. 

Where it is not possible to resolve a dispute on reasonable terms, our team of highly skilled solicitors has the knowledge and experience to deliver the best result possible for you through the litigation process.

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